Air Fryer FalafelFalafels are one of my favorite dishes to get at Mediterranean restaurants because of how crispy and delicious they are! My Air Fryer Falafels gives you the best of both worlds, not only do they allow you to enjoy falafels, but you don't have to feel guilty about all that oil that is in it. Air Fryers are amazing!
Lemon Mushroom CevicheA light, tangy salad perfect for the warmer weathers! I don't know about you but I am a HUGE fan of mushrooms, so when I came across this recipe, I knew I had to put my spin on it and give it a try! I love this Lemon Mushroom Ceviche because it's so easy to make and you can easily feed a huge crowd with it! Try it out if you absolutely love mushrooms like me!
BBQ Cauliflower BitesThis is a perfect game day recipe! It's easy to make and everyone on any diet can eat it! These BBQ Cauliflower Bites are sure to please a huge crowd and they wont even realize how good they are for you! Try this out at our next football party!
Air Fryer Zucchini FrittersI love using my air fryer to crisp up dishes without using my big oven. These Zucchini Fritters are so easy to whip up and take only 12 minutes to bake. I love how fast you can make recipes in the air fryer. Bonus, you don't have to consume all that oil that you normally would with frying! WIN!
Fresh Summer Fruit RollsDuring the summer time I love having a ton of fruits. These Fresh Summer Fruit Rolls is a great way to get all your fruits in a deliciously fun and creative way. I also love the light honey dressing that goes with it in case you have fruits that are on the tarter side. Definitely a must try recipe!
Avocado Turkey Summer RollI love the fusion of Asian and American cuisine with this dish. With this Avocado Turkey Summer Roll you get the delicious flavors of a turkey avocado sandwich but a lower cal version that's wrapped in a light rice paper. Grab a couple of these for lunch and you are set! Love how easy and quickly this recipe comes together!
Fresh Summer Tofu RollsI love summer rolls during the summer time! These Fresh Summer Tofu Rolls is just what you need when you don't want to spend time in the kitchen. I love the vibrant colors and how versatile they can be. Also, the peanut sauce is to die for! So creamy and flavorful! Be sure to make this at your next summer BBQ!
Tuna Cabbage Sabzi EggrollThese Tuna Cabbage Sabzi Eggroll is something that I used to make all the time with my mom. I love how I was able to combine the two different cuisines together to create something absolutely delicious. I love how you are able to achieve that awesome crunch from baking in the oven too! Give these egg rolls a try!
Fruit Leather DupeWith just a few ingredients you are ready to make these fruit leather dupes! These roll ups are all natural with very little sugar added (none if you use ripe fruit) making them a much healthier alternative to the store bought stuff! Give this super easy dupe a try and let me know how it compares!
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