Meet the Chef

Hi, I am Maryam Romani, the chef behind Tastefully Balanced. Food is my passion, whether that is cooking, baking, or eating it, if there is food involved, I am there! However, I believe life is about balance, so an equal passion of mine is being active, whether that means biking, running, hiking, or HIIT workouts, I love it all!

This is where Tastefully Balanced was born. It’s about how I balance my life with all the good food, but still maintain a healthy lifestyle by being active. It’s about making delicious food that can satisfy the tastebuds, but still have you feeling good afterwards.

I am a Seattle native and love everything about the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in a Bengali household and was exposed to amazing home cooked food right from an early age. A part of me knew back then, that food would be my calling! I always loved how food would bring the entire family together and the memories created around dinnertime.

Whether I am enjoying a cupcake (or 2) or a big hearty bowl of quinoa salad, I believe life is all about living in a tasteful balance!