Vegetarian Indian MacaroniThis Vegetarian Indian Macaroni is a perfect quick week night dinner option especially when you don't want to eat meet or need a nice pasta side dish. I love how flavorful this recipe is and how quick and easy it is to make. Definite win in my books!
Vegan Zoodle Summer RollsI love how much veggies are in these Vegan Zoodles Summer Rolls. I would have thought that you would miss the vermicelli noodles that usually is in a summer roll, but the zoodles are the same texture that you don't miss it at all! I love how easy and versatile this recipe is and the Mango Tahini Suace is so delicious! Definitely give this recipe a try for a fun way to get those veggies in!
Fresh Summer Fruit RollsDuring the summer time I love having a ton of fruits. These Fresh Summer Fruit Rolls is a great way to get all your fruits in a deliciously fun and creative way. I also love the light honey dressing that goes with it in case you have fruits that are on the tarter side. Definitely a must try recipe!
Avocado Turkey Summer RollI love the fusion of Asian and American cuisine with this dish. With this Avocado Turkey Summer Roll you get the delicious flavors of a turkey avocado sandwich but a lower cal version that's wrapped in a light rice paper. Grab a couple of these for lunch and you are set! Love how easy and quickly this recipe comes together!
Quinoa Berry BowlI love a good, filling breakfast. This Quinoa Berry Bowl is a great way to start your morning right. Make double or even triple the batch so that you have breakfast for a few days. I love having this bowl warm while the sun is still coming up and it's a little bit chilly. Yum!
Grilled Chicken Barley BowlThis Grilled Chicken Barley Bowl is a perfect lunch for the summer time. I love it because you can pack it for lunch and have it cold. No need to warm up anything. I love how nutrition packed and easy it is to make. Play around with the ingredients and make it for lunch next week!
Acai Fruit BowlThese Acai Fruit Bowls are a perfect way to cool down during the hot summer days while still maintaining your balanced diet. Packed with a ton of superfoods, these acai bowls are not only absolutely delicious, but so good for you.  Bonus, they look absolutely beautiful! Serve these at your next summer hosting event!
Tandoori Chicken Naan PizzaThe mix of the Desi flavors on a pizza is so delicious! I love how easy this Tandoori Chicken Naan Pizza is! The tandoori chicken flavor seeps throughout the entire pizza and every bite is just amazing! You have to give this recipe a try at your next pizza night!
Chicken Salad Patty Lettuce WrapA little twist on a classic chicken salad sandwich! This Chicken Salad Patty Lettuce Wrap is so delicious and flavorful! The extra effort of searing it on both side is totally worth it and I highly recommend that you do no skip this step! I love all the crunch in the salad. A perfect lunch recipe!
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