Breakfast Baked Pumpkin OatmealTis the season of pumpkin! I love incorporating pumpkin in various dishes, and thought this Breakfast Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal is a perfect way to meal prep your breakfast for the week. It's delicious and so easy to whip up!
Quinoa Berry BowlI love a good, filling breakfast. This Quinoa Berry Bowl is a great way to start your morning right. Make double or even triple the batch so that you have breakfast for a few days. I love having this bowl warm while the sun is still coming up and it's a little bit chilly. Yum!
Acai Fruit BowlThese Acai Fruit Bowls are a perfect way to cool down during the hot summer days while still maintaining your balanced diet. Packed with a ton of superfoods, these acai bowls are not only absolutely delicious, but so good for you.  Bonus, they look absolutely beautiful! Serve these at your next summer hosting event!
Pumpkin Spiced OatmealI love having oatmeal during the fall. Something about a warm bowl on a cold morning just really gets me excited! This Pumpkin Spiced Oatmeal is the perfect treat for this fall and takes no time at all to make! Make a huge batch of it to meal prep with!
French Toast CasseroleWho doesn't love easy ways to entertain a crowd?! I love prepping this French Toast Casserole the night before I have people over and throwing it in the oven an hour before guests arrive. It has your house smelling delicious and people will absolutely love it!
Artichoke Spinach FrittataDo you love brunch or breakfast ideas that take little time and can feed a crowd?! This is one of those recipes that you can make while you entertain since it requires minimal prep time and can feed quite a large crowd. I love this Artichoke Spinach Frittata and all the different layers of flavors it has! Make this recipe at your next brunch event!
Asiago Zucchini Sun-dried Tomato SconeWith the abundance of zucchini and rosemary in my garden, I knew I had to make something that combined those 2 ingredients. This Asiago Zucchini Sun-Dried Tomato scone is so flavorful that you won't believe something so easy can taste so good! This recipe comes together so fast which is perfect when you are hosting. This definitely needs to be on your menu for your next brunch!
Eggs Benedict with Avocado Cream SauceEggs Benedict is my favorite brunch item to get when I have brunch out. I used to be so intimidated with making poached eggs at home, until I realized how incredibly easy it was! Bonus, you don't have to use any oil or butter! I love this lighter Eggs Benedict with Avocado Cream Sauce recipe because of the delicious avocado cream sauce and the smoked salmon. The flavors are all so complimenting! Please try out this easy version and let me know what you think!
4 Ingredient Banana PancakesWho doesn't love an easy 5 minute breakfast idea?! When I first tried this recipe I thought these 3 ingredient Banana Pancakes were just too eggy, but the more I had them, (and especially after adding some rolled oats to it) the more I started loving them! It's a protein packed breakfast and takes no time to make! I also love adding nuts to these pancakes to add a little crunch!
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